Saturday, May 28, 2016

Post Op Day 4

So we are now four days past our total gastrectomies. Wow! The past few days have definitely had some highs and lows. For the most part we have met or exceeded the expectations of the doctors and nurses. Day 1 wasn't all that bad and several times we commented how it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Day 2 and 3 were different stories and we each struggled with different things. For starters, our bladders were very slow to wake up and we had to be re-catheterized in the wee morning hours Thursday. Our catheters came out again Friday afternoon and Nicole's was working early on, but mine decided to wait until 30 minutes before the deadline to start working. Nicole has struggled with nausea from the tube feeds and her formula amount had to be adjusted down. So far I've tolerated the tube feeds well, they just leave me feeling very full and bloated so I haven't taken much in orally. Sugar free Popsicles and decaf ice tea have been my go to the past few days. I can finish a whole Popsicle and about 3 ounces of tea or water. My main problem was (gross alert!) getting my bowels moving again after surgery. I wasn't passing gas or anything else and as a result I was so bloated and miserable. Thursday was awful and on Friday morning they gave me some meds that helped a little that morning but didn't last long term. But finally around 2am this morning everything woke up and I've passed what they wanted me to and I have felt much better. We both have a lot of weakness and fatigue, but we expected some of that. We're both also really struggling with missing our kids. They're having fun and are well taken care of, but we still would give anything to be home with them. We were hoping to leave the hospital tomorrow (Sunday) but because of the long weekend it may be Monday or Tuesday. Please keep all the prayers coming, they have been greatly felt and are deeply appreciated. 

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