Wednesday, November 7, 2018

2018 Stomachless Sisters CDH1 T-Shirt Sale!

It's here! The 2018 T-Shirt Sale for CDH1 Research is live!

Once again the wonderful Kristi Sasser has worked her magic and designed an awesome
shirt around the stomach theme. We are offering short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, and a crewneck sweatshirt this year. They will be Gildan brand and available in Ash Gray or White. 

We will be accepting orders from now until November 30th and shirts should be ready December 14th. As always, local delivery is available in the Birmingham, Hartselle, Talladega, and Andalusia areas. We also offer domestic and international shipping using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate fees. 

The proceeds from this sale will be donated to Dr. Perry Guilford at the University of Otago. Dr. Guilford is the researcher who discovered the CDH1 mutation and its link to hereditary diffuse gastric cancer. He is currently working on an oral medication to prevent HDGC in individuals with a CDH1 mutation, eliminating the need for a total gastrectomy. We firmly believe he is the biggest hope for Caden, Liam, and Andy if they carry this mutation. 

So how do you order? You can fill out the Google Docs Form below, comment on this blog post, comment of our Facebook post, message us through the Stomachless Sisters Facebook page or email

We are so grateful for the success of the sale over the past two years and we know this year will be even better!!

Much Love,
Jessica and Nicole

Google Docs Order Form
The Stomachless Sisters Facebook Page


  1. Dear Sisters, Congrats!!! I was made aware of your story the other day at work. I registered at AL Online and posted some responses in the comments. However, only one is showing up now. Anyway, my name is Patrick Evans. I too am a survivor of HDGC. And I lost almost everything because of it. The one positive in all this? I'm still alive! And I just celebrated my 10 year anniversary of my life saving gastrectomy! I was lucky enough at the time, to have good medical insurance and be able to go to one of the best hospital's in the country, that deal with this type of cancer... Stanford. But many if my family had to lose their lives so others like me could live. And it's still scary to think that if you go the the wrong doctor or hospital, YOU WILL DIE! And they will still be more than happy to bill your family afterword. I'd love to be able to chat with you gals though. I currently live and work in Gulf Shores with my better half Kim. And I'm happy to still be alive and tell my tale! Best of luck to both of you and all your families! Pat Evans

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  3. Hi sisters,
    My own sister sent me a news article about you today. Im so happy you guys are so public about what you've been through because I have CDH1 too. I haven't gotten my stomach removed yet though. When I first found out I went online and I couldn't find enough information to make me feel okay. I tried to find blogs or something. I need to see a person living with the disease. I follow mummy with no tummy but thats about it. Its so amazing that you both are putting your stories out there. It makes me feel so much less alone.
    Even parts of the article when you say "It felt like there was a ticking time bomb in my stomach." Those are the exact same words I've been saying over and over again. I want the surgery so bad but my family wants me to wait and I'm really struggling to get them to let me have the surgery. Im the only surviving member of my family that has the gene so I'm pretty alone in this. I lost my mom too to stomach cancer and I watched everything she went through and I'll get my stomach removed so I never have to go through that. I still have so many questions. Im 24 and its crazy to think I'm going to live the majority of my life with out a stomach but but at least I get to live. I have done so much research but there are so many questions I have about how you cope with it in your daily life, going to dinner/out with friends, balancing your health and taking care of your kids, and stuff like that. I'm 24 and I feel like this is the time when all the doors are supposed to open for me but now they're all locked shut because of this terrible gene. I would really liked to talk to you guys about how you handle it in your daily lives. Ive never talked to anyone without a stomach before. My phone number is 973-494-3976. I really hope I hear from you but if I don't I just want to say thank you for sharing you story :)

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